Global Warming What is and its causes Part 2


Global Warming is the nonstop warming of the Earth’s climate system since the early artificial period due to mortal exertion. Primarily by burning fossil energies, which increases the position of heat- enmeshing hothouse feasts in the Earth’s atmosphere.

The industrial revolution

Today everyone studies and works hard to get a job, but the world population is so high and it is not possible for everyone to do the job. Still, there is no shortage of product companies.

Today many companies have been established to manufacture each item. There is very close competition between many companies to produce the same product. Thus, these companies use a lot of energy to produce such products and at the same time produce CO2.

Today there are electricity generating companies whose smokestacks continuously produce CO2 and other poisonous gases.

In addition, some such substances are also produced, during the production of which greenhouse gases are released. Due to the fact that greenhouse gases are produced, they are all one of the reasons for global warming.

Global Warming

Traffic pollution – gas emissions from vehicles

A large number of vehicles are produced in the automotive industry. We can see these two-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicles on the roads today.

These vehicles emit smoke throughout the day on the roads which spreads huge amount of pollution in the environment. The means of transport are increasing day by day, there is competition among people in buying new vehicles.

In this way, to get anywhere in human life today, we only use vehicles that run on either petrol or diesel. We ourselves, who have started using these vehicles so much, are responsible for the pollution of the environment that spreads throughout the day.

Effects of global warming

Due to the global warming caused by the greenhouse effect, very bad consequences have started to appear in our country. Over the past few decades, our country’s temperature has increased by 1 degree Celsius as industries expand.

Although it takes a lot of work and small numbers to see, even a small change in temperature becomes the cause of a large change in climate.

Why is there not one, but many reasons for the earth’s temperature to rise by 1 degree, and therefore a lot of energy is involved in raising this small temperature number.

So let’s now look at how global warming may have or has begun to affect the Earth, which we are experiencing as of now.

Global Warming

Rising Sea Levels – Rising ocean levels

The Earth’s heat is constantly increasing. Because of this, the ice on the glaciers began to melt. Due to the melting of the ice, it reaches the sea and increases its volume.

In this way, it raises the sea level. Due to which islands and cities at a level slightly below sea level are in danger of drowning.
hot days

About the routine of going to work and spending time at work, we also found out that we are talking to you about the fact that today is very hot. This is because global warming keeps making the earth so hot that the days are getting hotter.

Big weather changes

The weather cycle we used to see is completely out of balance today due to the greenhouse effect.

Earlier, when people planted crops for agriculture, they had rain at the right time and in this way agriculture also became good. Today, however, there was no weather anywhere.

When the rainy season comes, then there is great heat, and in the winter season there are torrential rains, or in some years it seems that it does not rain at all.

Global Warming

Problems in agriculture

Due to the change in the weather, farmers have now started to change their profession. Many even knelt before the weather.

Due to the abandonment of these farmers and the lack of rain during the period, there is a decrease in cultivation.

With a smaller harvest, the supply of food will also be difficult.

Health problem for people

Due to the warming of the Earth, people may have to face heat waves. Which can cause fever and even death. The elderly are especially at risk.

Due to the high temperature and humidity, the chances of mosquito breeding increases, due to which the risk of mosquito-related diseases also increases.

In a nutshell

Global warming is greatly affecting our lives. Along with this, people all over the world are informed about it.

In today’s post we knew what is global warming. How did you like this post and tell us by commenting. By the way, everyone should realize this and the whole world should know how big a loss it is to cut down a tree.

How human life is dependent on the environment and what is the role of trees and plants to maintain the balance of the climate.

I hope you must have understood and enjoyed the meaning of this post in the language of global warming.

Through this post we have come to know what is global warming and what are its causes. Also know what are the consequences of Global warming.