Hotel Management

Hotel Management – All Details About this Program


Hotel management

Hotel Management : Can you turn a hostel stay into an indelible experience?
In hospitality, creating an experience for the guest is each important.

How do you reply to the individualization of the company and how do you deal with an decreasingly critical client? You’ll learn in our Hotel Management program, also known as the Hoge Hotelschool Breda. Upon scale, you’ll be ready to go the redundant afar with your professionalism, creativity and innovative ideas.

Hotel Management

Admission Conditions

Registration in a study program at Breda University of Applied lores generally requires the fellow of Dutch upper general secondary education( havo) orpre-university position( vwo) warrants.
English language conditions

You’ll also need to demonstrate satisfactory results in one of these tests
Cambridge C1 Advanced/ Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English( CAE), with a minimalsub-score for Speaking of 169
Cambridge C2 Advanced/ Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English, with a minimalsub-score for Speaking of 169
IELTS test( minimal total band score of6.0 and minimalsub-score of6.0 for speaking)
TOEFL test( minimal score of 80 on the Internet and a minimal subscore of 20 for speaking)

3- time track
still, you may be eligible for admission to a three- time course, If your high academy parchment is similar to the Dutch vwo- parchment.
Further information on admission conditions can be set up on the university’s website.

In the academic time 2022- 2023, the statutory education figure in bachelorette programs is€,209. First- time scholars pay€,105

You pay statutory academy freights if
have Dutch nation or the nation of another country that’s part of the EEA, or Surinamese or Swiss nation and
have not yet attained a bachelorette’s degree from a government- funded program in the Netherlands at the morning of the academic time.
In all other cases, you pay institutional education freights. In the academic time 2022- 2023, the institutional figure for bachelorette programs is EUR,950.

Hotel Management


After successfully completing the Hotel Management study program, you’re entitled to a Bachelorette of trades degree.
Durability of studies

still, you can choose a one- time Master’s program at Breda University of Applied lores after the Bachelor’s program in Hotel Management
If you want to broaden your midairs and learn further about the options and transitions you can make with Hotel Management.Master in Imagination( Breda University of Applied lores)
Master in Tourism Destination Management( Breda University of Applied lores)
still, you can choose a master’s program in hospitality operation, for illustration
If you want to get a more detailed view.Master in Innovative Hospitality Management( Maastricht)
Master in Hospitality Management( The Hague)

Hotel Management

Career paths

On completion of your graduate assignment, you’ll be prepared to enter a variety of hospitality- related careers, at home or abroad. Alternately, you can take positions in other types of companies; conference installations, recreation centers, hostel and feeding wholesalers or consulting agencies.

Career exemplifications

As a hospitality director, you oversee the operations of an association that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a time. Our graduates work across the entire diapason of hospitality, in the positions of Banqueting Manager in a conference center and Deals and Marketing director in the headquarters of an( transnational) hostel chain.

After scale, you frequently start your career as an adjunct and over time work your way up to( elderly) directorial positions in the hospitality assiduity.