Live Location Mobile App Best to know


Live Location Mobile App Best to know

Live Location Mobile App : There are many mobile apps that we can use to track the location:-

1. Live Location

Thanks to this application, you will know your current location. First install it on your phone and then enable the permission. Your location Automatic turned on in this.

Now enter your email and number and set it up. Then you will be able to find out your current location with a single touch whenever you want. Just touch the circle in the center and you will get the name of the place along with the map.

In this app you also get information about current location, GPS time, number locator, find address and current weather.

Live Location Mobile App

2. GPS location finder

Thanks to this, you can not only know the location of yourself, but also of your family. You must have a GPS enabled phone, install this app. Then turn on GPS as soon as you leave the house, and wherever you go, you’ll continue to get location information via the in-app map.

You can also create a group of your family in it, from where you will get the location of other members as well.

3. My location

This app is the best app ever, it gives you latitude and longitude along with your current location. With that comes the full address of that place. You can also see and Check your Perfect location from a satellite map.

At the end of the day, where you went during the day, everything comes in the form of a list. If you want, you can also save the location or address of a specific place for future reference.

Live Location Mobile App

4. My GPS location

This app is also very useful for finding your location, here you can also get your speed and accuracy from the report. After that, the next option is the map, from where you are currently standing and which building or place is nearby, everything comes.

You can set it according to My GPS settings, from there coordinate format, map type, length, speed are set. Also, if you will browse this new place, either you can leave the app on until then, this option is also available.

5. Mobile number locator

From what I hear, this app seems to detect a number, but you can use this to get your location as well as your contact’s location. In this you just enter your number and using GPS this app will tell you the exact location.

If someone’s call is also coming, then from which place it is, what is his name, that will also say everything. You can also check by entering someone’s number where that person is located.

Live Location Mobile App


People use different methods to find their location. By checking location, people can easily travel from one place to another without asking anyone. This facility was made possible through the internet, which was not available some time ago.

At that time, people used to go from one place to another by asking each other, but since the advent of internet location capabilities, people travel without asking anyone by locating the location on a map.

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