Teaching as a Profession Essay ,Role, Academic Path


Teaching as a Profession Essay

Teaching is a noble profession that carries with it so many responsibilities and duties towards the students. Teachers not only teach and impart knowledge but also inspire and motivate students for life and take important steps in life. They are still working to boost the confidence of the students and guide them in the right direction. There have been many teachers who have dedicated their entire lives to empowering their students and making them better and more successful human beings in their lives.

One such example of a teacher who has dedicated his life to teaching students is Anand Kumar of Super 30 coaching class who selects students only from underprivileged sections and gives them the best education to crack IIT through IIT coaching. These are the kids who can never afford to take admission in coaching classes for competitive exams. Anand Kumar teaches, guides and motivates students to dream big and make those dreams come true.

First Anand Kumar recorded selection of 18 students for IIT out of 30 students.

Another example before us is Siva Subramania Iyer. He was the teacher of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam and was responsible for giving India its Missile Man. He taught him to fly high and inspired him to do it. And then India got its greatest ever space scientists. Not only is teaching a profession a thing you have to devote yourself to, but also a passion that can take you to great heights.


The role of the teacher

When writing an essay on teaching as a profession, the role of the teacher must be included. The general and first role of a teacher is to teach his students. Then motivate them and boost their confidence to take up things that can help them in life. Teachers should find different ways to teach students and apply them in teaching so that students get maximum information and knowledge.

They are responsible not only to teach the syllabus but to inspire the students by exchanging ideas, sharing a bond and being with them in every way up and down. If you are able to portray all these roles for your students, then teaching as a profession is ideal for you.

Learning skills, subject knowledge, personality, and ways of conveying information are some of the factors that influence students’ learning patterns. It helps teachers become successful teachers and mentors for their students.

If the qualities explained above inspire you to become a teacher and you are wondering how to proceed, read the guide below.

Academic journey for teachers

In order to accept teaching as a profession, we must realize that not only personality qualities are important, but also education is one of the main requirements. The right qualifications and passion for teaching students can make a good teacher. There are several options to pursue teaching as a career, you can follow some of the ways below:

Nursery Teacher

To become a kindergarten or preschool teacher, you need certain qualifications. Teachers who teach students in the age groups between 2-5 years old are called kindergarten or pre-primary teachers. Children studying in pre-primary education are taught educational methods in kindergarten. Some of the preschools operate on the montessori educational method and are called montessori schools. In the kindergarten part of the school, children learn the basics, language, numbers, communication, etc. and prepare for the basic part. They learn through other activities such as arranging objects in order, playing, singing, drawing, coloring, etc.


How to become a Nursery Teacher ?

To become a pre-primary teacher, you should complete Year 12 and complete a one-year Kindergarten Teacher Training (NTT) course. You can also complete a Kindergarten Training Program or Montessori Teacher Training for approximately 9 months to 1 year. Even after graduation, you can opt for these courses. With the right qualifications and skills, you can test your teaching career.

You can also start your career as an Anganwadi teacher with the Anganwadi Workers (AWW) – Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) programme.

Elementary school teacher

Teachers who teach 1st to 5th grade students are called primary school teachers. They become a bridge for students in the pre-primary section and upper secondary section. In the primary part of teaching, you can have the chance to teach students different subjects and thus enhance the learning experience. If you want to make your career as a primary school teacher, you have the following options:

How to become a primary school teacher?

You can be an elementary school teacher after completing 12th grade and then getting a two-year Diploma in Education (D.Ed.). There is also the option of completing a 2-year Primary Teacher Training (PTT) program.

If you want to earn a degree in a teaching program, you can earn a Bachelor of Elementary Education (B.El.Ed.) in a 4-year degree program. You can also take the Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) to get recruited as primary school teachers in government and government-aided primary schools.


Primary and secondary school teacher

If you want to become a middle school teacher to teach 5th to 10th grade students or an upper secondary teacher to teach 11th and 12th grade students, you can opt for any of the options below. By becoming a middle school or senior high school teacher, you will have the opportunity to teach specific subjects.

How to become a middle school and high school teacher?

You will need to complete your graduation and then complete a Bachelor’s degree (B.Ed.) for 2 years. Earning a B.Ed. the degree is mandatory for teaching in secondary and upper secondary schools. If you want to be an upper secondary teacher, you can do a master’s degree after graduation and then pursue a B.Ed. degree.

If you want to qualify as a teacher for central government run schools, then Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET) will be your choice. CTET is conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) for candidates who are supposed to be eligible to be teachers at secondary and higher secondary level.

You can also opt for Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) or State Level Eligibility Test (SLET) for recruitment of teachers at secondary and higher secondary level.

College and university teacher

If you want to teach students in colleges or universities or want to be called lecturers in government or private colleges and universities, follow the options available:

How to become a college or university teacher?

If you want to choose teaching as a career at a college or university, you must earn a degree in a master’s program. However, after a master’s degree, a Ph.D. degree is also mandatory for promotion from lecturer to associate professor.

Once you have completed your master’s degree, you can apply for the National Eligibility Test (NET) conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA). NET requires Post Graduate Degree and Eligibility Certificate for admission. You may also be able to take the State Eligibility Test (SET) for tutor recruitment.

These are all options for choosing teaching as a career. By completing the basic qualification requirements, you will have many options to choose from to become a kindergarten, primary, secondary, senior secondary and university teacher. It is an essay about the teaching profession that can help you on your journey to become a teacher.